"Preserving the Past for the Future"

About Preservation Warrenton

Skelton Howard Green HousePreservation Warrenton was first formed in 1997. A group of men and women who were interested in the preservation of Warren County worked hard to form the organization into a non-profit corporation under the laws of North Carolina. On May 1, 1998, Preservation Warrenton became a charitable corporation under sections 501 c(3) and 170 c(2) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Briefly stated, the purpose of the corporation is:

  • To promote the restoration and preservation of historically significant buildings, grounds, gardens, and open spaces in Warrenton and Warren County.
  • To assist the town and county in the preservation and restoration of historically and aesthetically significant sites, and
  • To increase knowledge about, and appreciation of such places.

Preservation Warrenton has a set of Bylaws which specifies that the affairs of the organization are to be managed by a Board of Directors and officers elected from the Board. This group actively plans projects and activities to promote the mission: "PRESERVING THE PAST FOR THE FUTURE". In 2007, to celebrate the 10th year of the organization, the Directors formed "Partners in Preservation", an initiative to provide broader interest and participation from the citizens of the community in the effort to preserve our historic county. This program will be continued every year. Each year the "Partners" will be invited to a special event sponsored by the Directors that will promote the preservation of Historic Warren County.

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